Lost Connections

This is long overdue and I'm not sure how to start. On Decemeber 15, 2014, it was my eight year Buzzavisery and I acknowledged it with…
prettyinpunk27 Dec 28, 2014
Winter Lightpic

Winter Light

This is the afternoon winter light as it hits the snow in my backyard. I braved the cold to get this shot but I think…
January 2014pic
January Sunsetpic
I'm A Fire Gasolinepic
The Sun Went Downpic

The Sun Went Down

Again, another old pic I wasn't too ready to post.  
A Little Piece Of Skypic

A Little Piece Of Sky

I was going through old photos when I found this. I remember this being one of the first shots I was ever proud of. But I…
My Seventh Buzzaviersy!pic

My Seventh Buzzaviersy!

Hey guys! First off, today marks seven years of me being on Buzznet! So, here's a photo of me and Rhianna at one of our many…
Ramble Onpic

Ramble On

I love this edit.
Babbling Brookpic

Babbling Brook

School's good, hanging out with friends is fun. It's almost Halloween!
The Fountain Outside Kenosha Public Museumpic
Captain America!pic

Captain America!

Hi guys! Long time no post, but I've been busy with school and friends. Today me and Buzznet's very own Rhianna took a walk around downtown Kenosha…
Golden Skypic
Spectacular Skypic
The Colors Of The Windpic

The Colors Of The Wind

Another sunset from my dorm window. I'm really enjoying being up here at Parkside. I like all of my classes, me and my roommate get along…
Dorm Room Viewpic

Dorm Room View

Hi guys! So I'm all moved and settled into my dorm at Parkside. So, far I'm liking it. The only problem is that the wifi in my…
Photo Challenge-Color Theme-Redpic

Photo Challenge-Color Theme-Red

So, downtown on the side of La Casa Grande(where I had my birthday dinner) is an old add for Coke-Cola.  I've always really liked it. Did…
Flame Reflectionpic
Photo Challenge: Black And White Ballpic

Photo Challenge: Black And White Ball

This is my first photo challenge. Yay me? Anyway this is an old picture, but I love this edit. This was taken through a windshield on my…
August 2013pic
Birthday Dessertpic

Birthday Dessert

My mom took me, one of my best friends and my sister out to dinner at my favorite Mexican resturant. This is my birthday dessert! It's…
Sometimes You Just Gotta Kick Your Feet Uppic

Sometimes You Just Gotta Kick Your Feet Up

I got this idea for this photo in my head and went with it. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. Sometimes you just have…
This Way To The Waterpic
Glide Awaypic
Listen Herepic

Listen Here

When me and my friend were walking by the river last Tuesday, we saw a mamma duck and her babies. I like this shot because it…
Bridge The Gappic

Bridge The Gap

This is a little bridge that's over a little creek in one of the parks in my hometown. Me and my friend stopped there last Tuesday…
Cloudy Beach Daypic

Cloudy Beach Day

The clouds at the beach were crazy beautiful on Tuesday. I did my best to get a good shot of them.
Oh, I'm Just Sticking Aroundpic

Oh, I'm Just Sticking Around

This is a tree frog from the reptile house at the zoo. The retile house isn't my favorite part, but it's still fun to go in…
Everybody Line Uppic

Everybody Line Up

Yesterday, me and my friend headed up to Madison to go to the zoo and then the beach. It was cloudy and ended up raining for…
Quiet Reflectionspic
Explosion Of Sound And Colorpic

Explosion Of Sound And Color

Happy(late) 4th of July, American Buzznetters! I got some decent firework shots, nothing I'm too thrilled about, but still decent ones! I hope you guys had a…
Night At The Ballparkpic

Night At The Ballpark

I took this on my phone after one of my nephew's 7:30 games.  7:30 games are usually long and as the night settles in, it gets…
Will You Keep The Light On For Me?pic

Will You Keep The Light On For Me?

From the Milwakuee Public Museum.  They have this exhibt called "The Streets Of Old Milwakuee" and it is my favorite in the entire museum.
Keep Your Heart Forever Youngpic
The Clouds Hanging Over The Citypic

The Clouds Hanging Over The City

We had some dense cloud coverage today. I took this on my phone on our way home from dinner, and I really like it.
Keeping Safepic

Keeping Safe

The local baseball complex, where my nephew plays, have nets over the bleachers, so that you(or your camera) doesn't get hit with foul balls.  Instead they…
Books Are An Everyday Kind Of Magicpic
Lazy Afternoon.pic
Head In The Clouds, But My Gravity Is Centeredpic

Head In The Clouds, But My Gravity Is Centered

Title Credit: Sweater Weather-The Neighbourhood Today marks two years since I graduated high school, that's crazy. So much has changed, and I mean in good ways, but…
As The Clouds Fade Awaypic
The Tide's Rolling Inpic

The Tide's Rolling In

Well, it's not the tide, but I couldn't think of a good title. But I love the blues of the water and the sky in this…
All Of These Cloudspic

All Of These Clouds

It was super cloudy/rainy on way up/back from Kenosha last Wednesday.  
Hang In Therepic


We took my niece to the Milwaukee Public Museum today. They have this butterfly room, and I managed to grab this shot and others. Not going to…
You Were A Light Inside A Tunnel In My Headpic

You Were A Light Inside A Tunnel In My Head

Title Credit-Hang You Up-Yellowcard This is the lighthouse that sits on Lake Michigan in Kenosha. It was foggy when we were there. And I really like this…
Taking Flightpic

Taking Flight

Yesterday we went up to Kenosha so I could go to Parkside to get my classes set up. Then we stopped by Lake Michigan and I…
Buzznet Story Teller's Assignment 29-Prom!pic

Buzznet Story Teller's Assignment #29-Prom!

At the high school I attended, you're allowed to go to prom as a junior and a senior. My parents will only pay for prom once…
So Let's Celebrate Good Timespic

So Let's Celebrate Good Times

You guys! I have 100 featured posts on here! It's mainly pictures, and it's such an amazing feat to me because I never thought I'd get one!…
Because I Would Die For You, On Skyway Avenue.pic

Because I Would Die For You, On Skyway Avenue.

Title Credit-Skyway Avenue-We The Kings At Epcot in Florida, they have these really cool things that hang over you when you walk, I don't remember if…
Come Away To The Waterpic

Come Away To The Water

Title credit-Come Away To The Water by Maroon Five(from The Hunger Games soundtrack) I really likes this edit! Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!
You Just Have To Let The Rain Fallpic
Shelter Mepic
We're Not Broken, Just Bentpic

We're Not Broken, Just Bent

Title credit goes to Just Give Me A Reason by Pink featuring Nate Ruess from fun.


I took this last summer at the zoo. The weather is getting nice again, so I'm ready for summer.
5.4.13 Spring Fever Tour.pic

5.4.13 Spring Fever Tour.

I know this isn't the best picture, it's a cell phone picture of me, that my best friend took last night. Last night was amazing. You Me…
It's All In How You View Itpic

It's All In How You View It

I took this awhile ago. I just notice, in some of the rain drops, you can see our deck reflection.  
Just Keep Trying Little Buddypic

Just Keep Trying Little Buddy

I must have taken at least twenty different shots trying to get this one that shows the flower haning over the wood. In other news, the…
When The Moon Is In The Seventh Housepic

When The Moon Is In The Seventh House

This may not be the best cloud covering the moon picture, but for me, it's a pretty fantastic shot. I'm proud of it and of myself.
They Say The Grass Is Greener On The Other Sidepic
Spring Has Sprungpic
Nothing Is Safe From The Rainpic
Buzznet Story Tellers Assignment 28pic

Buzznet Story Tellers Assignment #28

Doesn't surprise anyone that the very next show I'm going to is an All Time Low one? But seriously, I love seeing these guys live, it…
Vanity Lightspic
The Birds Will Sing You Are A Part Of Everythingpic
Where The Light Breaks Through.pic
The Edge Of Darkness.pic
And So The Sun Sinks Downpic
The Path To The Secret Garden.pic
But There's A Light Onpic

But There's A Light On

My Spring Break ends tomorrow but it's been cold and snowy. On the plus side, I got B's or better on all my midterms. I took this…
Bridge Over Troubled Waterpic
Sunsets And Silhouette Dreamspic
Roads? Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roadspic
Spring, Will You Come Soon?pic
Smokey Sunsetpic

Smokey Sunset

I took this with my phone on my way home from school a couple of weeks ago. I really like it.
March 2013pic
Who's To Say What's Around The Corner?pic

Who's To Say What's Around The Corner?

Guess what Buzznet? I have offically been accepted to UW-Parkside!
Hang The Mask Up, Who Are You Wearing It For?pic
If Your Mask Is Too Big, Don't You Think You Should Take It Off?pic
We All Have Our Lightbulb Momentspic

We All Have Our Lightbulb Moments

My math grade has been posted. I have a C. This means, I no longer have to take math again in my academic career. This makes…
Six Year Buzzaversy!pic

Six Year Buzzaversy!

Oh my gosh, Buzznet. I have offically been buzzing/commenting and posting on this site for six years now, that is unreal. No other site means this much…
Buzznet Story Teller's Assingment Number Twenty Three:The Holidayspic

Buzznet Story Teller's Assingment Number Twenty Three:The Holidays

Well the holidays are upon us, so that means finals are too. But that's a different story. I love the holidays because of the family time…
When The Sky Collidespic

When The Sky Collides

I'm in the home strech. This week and next week of classes, and then finals. Then winter break for a month.
Thanksgiving Pink And Purple Sunsetpic

Thanksgiving Pink And Purple Sunset

There was a truely beautiful sunset on the way home from Thanksgiving. I took so many shots of it! So every year, my school puts out…
If You Stick To The Path That's Right For You, You Will Never Go Wrong.pic
Finger Like Twigspic
Hazy Branchespic

Hazy Branches

We have these lacy/eyelit/I don't reall know what to call them curtains that hang in our picture window and I kind of used them as…
November 2012pic


And this is our other dog, Maya. She's a Beagle/Husky mix, and yes, I know it's an odd mix. We've had since I was seven, so…


This is our dog, D-O-G. He got that name for two reasons: 1.He found us and we didn't plan on keeping him, but no one claimed him…
Sun On A Dirty Windsheild.pic
Hey Moon, Don't You Fall Downpic

Hey Moon, Don't You Fall Down

One of the first shots I took with James Dean.  
Meet James Dean, Buzznet!pic

Meet James Dean, Buzznet!

This is my brand spanking new Canon EOS Rebel T3! I named him James Dean. I really like him and think we are going to do great…
It Could Be Raining On My Side Of The Street, While The Sun Shines So Openly On Yourspic
I Saw All Time Low For My Fifth Timepic

I Saw All Time Low For My Fifth Time

10-21-12 at The Rave in Milwaukee. It was seriously one of the most amazing shows I have ever been too, I would say it comes second…

Before You Decide Which Way To Go, Remember Where You've Been

Title credit:Stay Awake(Dreams Only Last For A Night)-All Time Low Shit happens in life, but you cannot let it hold you back. Sure at the time…
Irish Claddagh Ringpic
October 2012pic
Straight Across Bangspic

Straight Across Bangs

I got my hair cut yesterday. The only real change I got is that I got straight across bangs. I like them. :)
Wisconsin Country Sunpic

Wisconsin Country Sun

I took this sometime last year. Call me biased but I think Wisconsin has some of the most beautiful sunsets.
Autmn Leavespic

Autmn Leaves

I took this last year. I have yet to get out and shoot fall color for this year.
Spring 2012pic

Fly With Me-((Chapter Three))

Mr. Connor let us go early. Since we were back in school, he wanted us to be well rested for a long days filled with…

Passenger Seat-((One Shot))

Brian watched as the girl he had been crushing on since forever walked in with her friends. He was thankful for the fact that the…

We Are Who We Are-Chapter Six

“You hope to gain what about this little foray into normalcy?” I shrugged and tucked my feet underneath me as I continued to watch Garrett play…

Fly With Me-((Chapter Two))

I slid into my place at the lunch table across from Bugsy. She smiled and flipped her hair over her shoulder as I opened my…
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